Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the moonbats and Deval have wraught: The death of dog racing

The Massachusetts elite has always proven not to be a friend of the working man and woman in Massachusetts. Sure the Governor is always about bring jobs to the elite like those subsidies for biotech that are dubious to begin with. He and the moonbats who abolished dog racing could care less about the livelihood of hundreds of working class folks in East Boston and Revere who showed up to toil at Wonderland. Gambling is fool's gold as its the pursuit of family style resort oriented casinos but House Speaker DeLeo had a point about saving the tracks in his backyard. It was he who was willing to compromise.  Only the deluded can call Patrick's stand principled. Wonderland is now legend. It was here now it's not. 
he track posted signs on its front doors this morning announcing the track has closed and that tickets and couchers may be redeemed starting next Monday.

Leslie DeLand, a track worker of 15 years, peered through the windows of the track's main building at 9:50 a.m.

"I just want to thank the governor for helping us lose our jobs," she said, placing blame on the failure to pass an expended gambling bill on Governor Deval Patrick.