Friday, February 21, 2014

Revere Casino Opponents Plan March, From Parish Church To City Hall on Sunday, Feb 25

(REVERE, MA) With the Feb. 25th casino referendum just days away, Don’t Gamble on Revere and Friends of Revere have called for a public march this Sunday, Feb. 23rd, from Immaculate Conception Parish Church to Revere City Hall.

The Salvadorian Marching Peace Band will be leading the lively procession, and a brief rally in front of Revere’s City Hall will include a program of speakers encouraging Revere residents to vote ‘No’ on Feb. 25 and to not be intimidated by pro-casino forces.

“In the span of thirty years” explains Tim Bogertman, Associate Pastor at First Congregational Church and one of the organizers of Sunday’s march, “Revere has gone from being one of the least diverse cities in the state to perhaps the most diverse.  Many of our residents immigrated to the United States from countries where opposition to the political establishment simply did not exist, and we want to assure our friends and neighbors that they are free to vote their conscience next Tuesday, regardless of official voices urging them to support the proposed casino.”

“Predatory gambling is simply not in the best interest of our community,” states Father George Szal of Immaculate Conception Parish, where Sunday’s march will commence, “and Tuesday’s vote is far from a done deal.”

Sunday’s march starts at 1 p.m. at Immaculate Conception Parish Church (127 Winthrop Avenue), and will end with a rally at Revere City Hall (281 Broadway).