Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scott Brown scares the Democrats. But Martha's campaign is appalling

Martha Coakley never imagined in would be this close in the bluest of Blue States. Now she's fighting for her political life.
In an indication of Coakley’s challenge, a couple of voters at her stop in Lynn said they planned to vote for Brown because they saw him as a change agent - a theme that has been a core message for Democrats in recent election cycles.

“His approach is fresh, clean, and new,’’ said George Gambale, an 80-year-old from East Boston who had just polished off a bowl of beef stew at Brothers Deli. “She’s just not the candidate.’’
How can this be? Never take anything for granted. Martha Coakley, may still yet pull this out and in large part not to her efforts. She has run the worst campaign in Massachusetts political history.