Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friends of Meridian Street: Latest update on taxi problem

This just in from Friends of Meridian Street. 
Thomas P. Glynn, MassPort, needs to be contacted about this and we cannot access his email. 
Again and still 90% of the morning traffic on Meridian Street, East Boston are empty taxi's from Logan Airport driving to Chelsea on Meridian Street. Also 24 hours a day these Logan taxis are using this route without fares
With our children getting ready for school and waiting for the school bus pick up and families going off to work, the amount of air quality pollutants from these cabs (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) is affecting all our health. Not to mention the heavy traffic safety factor. 
We especially are concerned for our children. 
Someone needs to address this problem in East Boston and rectify this serious community problem.