Friday, September 24, 2010

Ernani Dearaujo named to BHA's Monitoring Committee by Mayor Menino

East Boston Neighborhood Coordinator Ernani Dearaujo has been named to the Monitoring Committee of the Boston Housing Authority. The new responsibilities will be in addition to his current duties as coordinator from the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services. The city council is set to confirm Dearaujo on Monday, September 27.

Said Dearaujo: "I am honored to be named to this committee by Mayor Menino and confirmed by the City Council. I will serve as Chairman for a two-year term."

The nine-member, BHA Monitoring Committee is appointed by the Mayor of Boston to periodically review matters relating to the management and performance of the agency, and to report them to the Mayor.

The committee reviews and approves the annual federal and state operating budget; the annual modernization applications; and all property dispositions which would reduce the total number of housing units owned by the housing authority that have not been approved prior to the enactment of an act (Case of Armando Perez v. BHA) by the Massachusetts Superior Court.