Saturday, July 21, 2012

Awesome News from Zumix! Annual Snowfall, fabulous all-girl rock band, is heading to Europe!

This news just came over from Zumix:
Exciting news! We just purchased plane and train tickets, reserved accommodations in London ( and Paris (, collected copies of everyone's passports, and are pleased to announce that  Annual Snowfall, ZUMIX's fabulous all-girl rock band, is heading to Europe! 

The girls have raised over $6,000 to cover their costs - and they are holding a car wash and a Latin Dance this weekend to raise more! They leave on Wednesday August 1st and return August 11th. During their journey, they will perform at various sites in London and Paris, will visit similar youth/music organizations (, get a private guided tour of IRCAM, an institute dedicated to music and science (, meet with amazing international touring artists, do lots of sightseeing and taste-testing, will practice their French, and will serve as our first International Artist Ambassadors - representing ZUMIX abroad! One of the most incredible parts of the planning process has been meeting with their parents. 

They are so pleased their daughters will have such an incredible opportunity. We are humbled by the love and trust they have for ZUMIX. 

Big thanks to Strong Women Strong Girls for including Annual Snowfall in their blog:
Hope you are having a great summer and thanks for your ongoing support!

Much love!

Madeleine Steczynski