Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parking Problem on Meridian Street Irks Residents

This just in from Friends of Meridian Street!

As a member of the Friends of Meridian Street again we want to report the total disregard for our residents by the Canton Eatery (339 Meridian Street) owner and employees. They have been spoken to by the Boston Police Dept. Parking Supervisor/Sergeant and the MBTA police that they cannot park in the MBTA No Parking/Tow Zone. Again the owner and employee "take out" vehicles are using this parking space all day and especially at night.
The elderly/handicapped MBTA bus riders cannot enter/exit the buses at the curb and some cannot get on/off because the buses have to stop in the middle of the street and cannot pull up to the curb because the Canton vehicles are using the No Parking/Tow Zone for take out parking. There have been several complaints from our residents living on Meridian Street next to and across the street from the Canton Eatery, 339 Meridian Street, East Boston, MA  02128. This is making it extremely unsafe. 
One of our main concerns is right across the street to the MBTA bus stop is a MassHousing 50 unit apartment building that houses handicapped and elderly residents. It is necessary that these East Boston residents are able to board and exit the MBTA bus’s at the curb/sidewalk. And now that the Chelsea Bridge is closed the extra traffic makes this an even greater safety concern for our residents. We respectfully request that this is resolved.

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