Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Sunday Morning Peace on Meridian Street thanks to Taxis

The latest from Friends of Meridian Street
Sleep in late? Get the kids ready for church? Plan a nice quite Sunday morning? NOT ON MERIDIAN STREET, EAST BOSTON!!!! We residents of East Boston that live on and around Meridian Street, East Boston get to hear, see, smell, breath and dodge the steady stream of hundreds of empty Logan taxis that bless our streets again this morning and all day long. But that's O.K. as the multi-million dollar Coughlin Bypass Road that these Logan taxis are supposed to be using gets to rest so us East Boston resident taxpayers can have a nice quiet Sunday morning. Not! We are still waiting for our State, East Boston officials and our friendly, cooperative Massport officials to make this right. Hopefully those of you in East Boston that don't live on Meridian Street can get a peaceful Sunday morning.