Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fund established to help victims of fire at Sumner and Orleans Street

An email written by Steve Holt (by way of Will Perry):
Eastie Family,
In case you haven't heard by now, Monday night there was a ferocious fire in a multi-family apartment building at the corner of Sumner and Orleans streets. Flames were shooting through the roof, much of the second and third floors were charred, and the rest of the building sustained water damage. Worst of all, 21 of our neighbors are now homeless.

After speaking with the Mayor's interim neighborhood liaison, Danielle, it appears the best way we can serve those who have been affected by the fire is to provide them with gift cards to Target. That way they'll be able to stock up on the necessities, including blankets, food and clothes in their own size.

Our neighbor, have set up a page over at Eastie Now where we can make donations. We have created a PayPal account, where you can either use your own PayPal login or pay by credit card. (Simply up the "quantity" on the payment page to increase the default $5 donation) You may also drop cash donations by the ZUMIX front desk. Billy, JPNA board member Renee Scalfani, and Sgteve Holt will be collecting money donated there and taking it to Target to get the cards, probably sometime next week. The affected families will be able to pick up their gift cards at ZUMIX on their own time. Again, here's the link where you can donate:

We're hoping to raise $500 per family that was displaced
. (21 people were displaced in total) If you are able to donate, please do so by Sunday night so we can know where we stand on Monday. Please forward this to friends / family and post it to your social networks.
There may be more ways to help down the road, but this is the most immediate.

Many thanks!