Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More taxi problems on Meridian Street

Paul Howes and neighbors are still waging a fight against taxi cabs on Meridian Street. This just in:
[At] 6am 6/26/13 on Meridian Street and again an empty cab from Logan Airport woke us up causing a three car accident by not using the Coughlin Bypass Road that these Logan taxis are supposed to be using. Blocking traffic both ways, two BFD trucks and BPD cruiser. New Massport, MassDOT  liaison, new East Boston liaison being contacted and has again fallen on deaf ears. Contacted Massport and has fallen on deaf ears. Elected officials from East Boston have swept this under the rug. Safety, pollution and paying for the police, fire department to handle these accidents caused by the empty Logan taxis using the public streets of East Boston for their shift changes is never going to stop. All officials from Massport, East Boston elected officials and appointed public liaisons should be ashamed of themselves for turning a blind eye to this!