Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Friends of Meridian Street support mayoral candidate Dan Conley's stance on Logan Airport taxis

Paul Howes sends this along: 
Friends of Meridian Street support Mr. Conley's stance on Logan Airport taxis, 

"Finally, I want to improve taxi service for East Boston.  Right now, there are a number of issues with cab service here: a minority of drivers take advantage of the confusion surrounding tolls to charge inflated fares; some other drivers are reluctant to serve East Boston for fear of not finding a fare back to the rest of the city; and still other drivers use residential streets as cut-throughs to avoid tolls.  Although these may sound like minor inconveniences, they actually make East Boston a harder place to visit, which harms residents and businesses.  As mayor, I will crack down on price fixing and these other practices."

As our elected East Boston officials, MassPort managers, Mass Department of Transportation and the Boston Police Department Hackney Division have stuck their heads in an "Ostrich Hole" refusing to take any action to stop the Logan Airport taxis from using Meridian Street and the public streets of East Boston, the residents of Eastie continue to suffer environment, health and safety problems on a daily basis. 

These cabs must be made to use the multi-million dollar bypass road from Logan Airport to Chelsea build just for this purpose. With taxpayers money may I add!