Friday, November 8, 2013

No Eastie Casino: "An Open Letter To Our Elected Officials and The Massachusetts Gaming Commission"

From No Eastie Casino 11/8/2013:

An Open Letter To Our Elected Officials and The Massachusetts Gaming Commission:
We are writing on behalf of the 4,281 East Boston voters who soundly defeated the ill-conceived proposal for a casino at Suffolk Downs on November 5.

Suffolk Downs’ casino proposal failed. The developer was unable to choose or properly vet a casino operator. Unambiguously located in both East Boston and Revere, the developer failed to win the East Boston vote.  Massachusetts law clearly states that if a proposed casino is located in more than one city or town, it must win a referendum vote in both communities, M.G.L. c. 23K, § 15(13).  East Boston said NO; Suffolk Downs’ casino application is dead.

Suffolk Downs is now trying to circumvent the law by suggesting it can simply "move the goalposts" to the Revere side, but a Revere-only casino is not what residents of East Boston or Revere were called to vote for.  East Boston voters said "no" to the impacts that a Suffolk Downs casino would bring, and a Revere-only casino will create the same impacts. Enough is enough - Suffolk Downs is no longer a legitimate contender. Any attempt to move forward with a Revere-only casino proposal is a deliberate effort to disenfranchise East Boston voters and circumvent the clear intent of the law. No Eastie Casino is outraged this idea could even be entertained.

East Boston residents expect and demand our elected officials to uphold and enforce the law, stand for the will of the people, and reject Suffolk Downs' last ditch effort to install a casino in our community.

No Eastie Casino calls on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to adhere to the proper licensing procedures, M.G.L. c. 23K, 205 CMR, and application deadlines previously set forth.  The law is clear and the voters have spoken.  We insist that Suffolk Downs be immediately removed from consideration for a gaming license.

We will not tolerate any breach of the law or the public process. We will continue to fight to keep East Boston safe for families and small businesses.  We will not stop until this threat to our community has been removed once and for all.

No Eastie Casino