Monday, December 2, 2013

Patrons upset at the failure to move historic plaque from Meridian Street library to new one at Bremen Street

[Editor's note: The following letter was sent to the city of Boston's Public Library department by the East Boston Friends.]

I am writing you because I am troubled about the decision not to include the Meridian St. outdoor Plaque in the new library.  (I don't want to hear there wasn't any room.)

I was in the library looked around and was pleased the plaque from Orient Heights was installed prominently in the adult reading room.

Much to my chagrin after looking around at the entire library I realized the Meridian St. Plaque was not anywhere I could see.  I asked the librarians where it might be thinking perhaps it was on an outside wall.  I was told it was at Copley in the archives.  Really!

Over and Over this plaque was mentioned as something that should be installed at the new library.  I really do not remember who I myself spoke to about it.  All I know is it was mentioned.  From now on that will make me put everything in witting.

Anyway I feel that again the opportunity to promote the history and heritage of East Boston's legacy of being East Boston's first branch Library in the country has been put put in the archive at Copley.  That plaque distinctly mentions that the First Branch Library in the country was in East Boston.  I strongly feel the plaque should be retrieved and installed at the new library for generations of East Bostonians to be proud of.

I am writing this as a citizen of East Boston.  Believe me I am not the only one that feels this way. 

John Riberio, myself, and Susan Brauner would like to meet with you at your office or at the new library this coming Friday.  Let me know how that is for you.