Monday, December 2, 2013

Wrap up from latest meeting of the Friends of East Boston Library

[Editor's Note: The following is from  Maddy McComisey, President Friends of the Library East Boston Branch, a wrap up of its November 25th meeting.]

The Friends of the Library East Boston Branch met on Nov. 25th 2013.  We had a full agenda beginning with a request that the library implement ongoing programs presenting authors, music, culture and art for adults, teens and children.  A collaboration of local schools, dance studios, music venues (locally Zumix) playing out their art, music, writing poetry etc. Things mentioned by patrons was the desire to have many, many, many more books on the bare shelves.  Not only are the shelves bare they said, but it is hard to find books look for books because of the bending down.  It was requested something be done to heighten the existing book shelves and again more more more books.  Compared to the 65,000 available at the old libraries in East Boston, 18,000 or 20,000 books is  skimpy

Commenting on the library everyone agreed it was a beautiful building and state of the art and it will win a prize but commented the adult reading room is small.  Where are rest of the the paintings (FLK)? How come there aren't any young children's tables and chairs? And where are the local artists and schools going to display their work?  There isn't a good display system anywhere in the library.  A good quality permanent hardware system to hang and display exhibits could be installed throughout the library.  It wouldn't be nice to hammer nails to hang a display.

Friends of the Library need an ongoing book sale.  Friends needs this to help fund the $400.00 Zoo passes every year.  Patrons like to buy books on the cheep.  Who doesn't like a bargain?

The community needs a large bulletin board in the front of the building.  Our community likes to know what is going on.

These comments were put together from comments from patrons who have called, stopped us in the street, walked to our houses to let us know what they thought because they know we are affiliated with the library somehow.  Patrons have commented on what they see and would like to have fixed.

We ended the meeting with the Friends agreeing to contact the people in command to request these things be fixed or implemented as soon as possible