Friday, June 27, 2014

Celeste Myers, Candidate for state Representative, Statement on SJC casino ruling, Revere hearing

The following was submitted by Celeste Myers dated 6/25/2014:

"We, the people, are the winners and beneficiaries of yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts that allows voters to decide in November whether or not to repeal the 2011 casino gambling law. Regardless of how you feel about casino gambling, this was an ill-conceived law from the start, a reality born out in a process marked with many missteps, a lack of transparency, and even the occasional end-run around the law.

The events in Eastern Massachusetts since last November's vote in East Boston and Revere should serve as exhibit A for the brokenness of this legislation. After being defeated at the polls in East Boston, the casino proposal for Suffolk Downs was given new life by the Gaming Commission to proceed as a "Revere-only" project. Even our local elected officials, and later our new mayor, wrote letters of objection to the commission's ruling vowing to defend Eastie residents' votes. The Mayor sought host community status for a "revised project" that has every bit as much of an impact on the the people of East Boston as the one we voted down in November. Last night, in Revere, residents and leaders of impacted areas had a final opportunity to speak out about this project before the commission decides between the two Eastern Massachusetts casino proposals.

Not a single local elected official (or any of their aides) representing Boston, let alone heavily impacted East Boston, showed up.

When I am your representative, I pledge to work tirelessly for you. When an opportunity arises to use my position to defend my neighbors or my neighborhood, I will not balk. My number one priority is the community, and I promise to show my dedication not only with words -- but action as well.

We can all celebrate that democracy will shine in November, when we have the opportunity to repeal a law that threatens both the Commonwealth and our neighborhood. While I do not know how residents of the Commonwealth will vote, I fully support their ability to do so. The stakes could not be higher."

Source: Celeste Myers