Monday, July 28, 2014

Stand For Democracy and Don Berwick for Governor Campaigns Agree to Work Collaboratively in the Fight Against Casinos

Leaders from both Stand For Democracy and Don Berwick for Governor campaigns met last week to discuss the repeal of the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act. Both organizations have agreed to work collaboratively towards repealing the commonwealth’s casino law and promoting Berwick’s stance as the only candidate opposed to casinos and supporting the repeal. “We have taken a close look at all of the gubernatorial candidates and their stance on casinos in Massachusetts. Don Berwick’s position against casinos is the only one in line with that of Stand For Democracy”, said Pedro Morales, one of the founders of Stand For Democracy.

Stand For Democracy is an organization that emanates from the successful 2013 anti-casino campaign in East Boston. “Don was inspired by the ability of grassroots activists to take on powerful corporate interests in the East Boston casino referendum. It is exciting to collaborate with some of the leaders of that movement, and we look forward to working together to promote Don’s position on this crucial issue around the state,” said David Marsh of the Berwick campaign. A schedule of joint events will be released shortly.