Thursday, July 31, 2014

State Representative Candidate Celeste Ribeiro Myers Calls for Three Public Debates in East Boston

(EAST BOSTON, MA July 31, 2014) —Celeste Ribeiro Myers, candidate for Suffolk County’s State Representative seat in the First District, today invited her opponent, Rep. Carlo Basile, to participate in three public debates or forums leading up to the Nov. 4 election. In a letter to the Basile campaign Thursday, the Myers campaign called for three public debates: one focusing on development in East Boston, another chosen by the Basile campaign, and a third debate covering a variety of topics.

“Voters should know where we come down on issues affecting East Boston and have the opportunity to hear our respective visions for this community, which no doubt differ in many ways,” the letter states.

The letter also requests a meeting between representatives of each campaign to finalize debate topics and discuss possible sponsors, venues and formats, and asks the Basile campaign to respond by next Wednesday.

Myers, a lifelong East Boston resident, is known for leading the ballot question campaign group No Eastie Casino, which successfully defeated a proposal to site a casino at Suffolk Downs in East Boston on Nov. 5, 2013. (Basile opposed an area casino as a candidate in 2007 but vigorously supported casino plans in the run-up to the vote).

Earlier this month, Myers asked Basile to join her in rejecting campaign contributions from special interest groups, including lobbyists. The Basile campaign has not yet responded to the request to take the “people’s pledge.”

Myers’ robust platform includes plans to give residents more say in how Eastie develops; transportation improvements; job creation and economic development; health; and equality and inclusion for all. Check out her entire platform at

Source: Steve Holt, 617-447-6519