Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Presser at 3 pm today: EB & Revere Communities Unite On City Line to Oppose Mohegan Sun Casino at Suffolk Downs

Neighboring community groups to hold joint press conference on the Revere/Boston city line in advance of Mohegan Sun's presentation to Massachusetts Gaming Commission
BOSTON, MA (January 21, 2014) - Today Don't Gamble on Revere, a registered municipal ballot question committee organized to stop a casino at Suffolk Downs, and No Eastie Casino, will hold a joint press conference and public demonstration at 3pm on the Revere/East Boston city line to denounce the Massachusetts Gaming Commission's disregard for residents' clear "no" vote from 8,513 residents of Revere and East Boston in referendums on Nov. 5 and highlight the contents of a comment letter to be submitted to the Commission (MGC) in advance of its January 22 meeting with Mohegan Sun.

"A casino at Suffolk Downs is a casino at Suffolk Downs, and shifting this development a few feet over the city line into Revere doesn't change anything," said Matt Cameron, No Eastie Casino's volunteer legal counsel and an East Boston resident. "As anyone who is familiar with this unique site must recognize, the city of Boston is now being forced to host a guest that we have already dis-invited."

"As knowledge of traffic, pollution, crime, and numerous other social problems due to casinos come to light, Revere opposition to a casino at Suffolk Downs is growing," said Joseph Catricala, spokesperson for Don't Gamble on Revere.  "The lack of a clear host community agreement to mitigate these impacts makes us doubt that the City of Revere and Suffolk Downs truly have Revere's interests in mind.  We are very concerned a casino will bleed our community dry."

In advance of the press conference, No Eastie Casino and Don't Gamble on Revere will submit a joint letter to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission registering their disapproval of the gaming application process and noting that more time is needed for Boston's new administration to make an informed decision.

"Mohegan Sun has filed an incomplete application with missing and outdated information, and is now trying to keep critical details relating to the site plan and their proposed land use confidential. This development will forever change the character and futures of East Boston and Revere, and we deserve to see everything that has already been made available to the Gaming Commission. " Cameron said.

For details on the press conference location, please contact Joe Catricala at 781-727-6099 or Celeste Myers at 617-913-3332.

About Don't Gamble on Revere

Don't Gamble on Revere is a group of citizens concerned about the future of Revere. We know that Revere has come a long way over the years and we don't want to lose all of the progress that we have made. We are an official municipal ballot question committee opposed to the casino at Suffolk Downs and a united all-volunteer force standing against the proposed casino in Revere.

About No Eastie Casino

No Eastie Casino is a grassroots effort led by local, all-volunteer residents opposed to the casino at Suffolk Downs. Our goal is to build a strong base of East Boston residents that represents the full diversity of our community; shares a common vision for a vibrant, healthy, family-friendly future for East Boston; and is united against a casino at Suffolk Downs.

Contacts: Joe Catricala & Celeste Myers