Monday, January 13, 2014

Supporting Walsh, No Eastie Casino steps up opposition to MGC ruling: "Revere Casino is Illegal; East Boston is a Host Community"


To our friends and neighbors:

Thank you for your persistence in fighting back as the Mass Gaming Commission seeks to silence our voices and move ahead with an illegitimate process. As you may know, Mayor Marty Walsh asked the gaming commission for one month to allow his legal team to review the lengthy host community agreement to determine if Boston is a host community (as, in the case of the proposed Revere casino, we believe
research will prove it is) or a surrounding community (as Mohegan Sun argues).

The Gaming Commission -- which granted the extension to Suffolk Downs to allow them to rework this proposal and have a new vote -- denied Mayor Walsh's request. They gave him until Monday to agree to begin negotiations as a surrounding community. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Mayor Walsh and his legal team have taken the right approach to date. The decision and statement they make today, Monday, is a critical one. We must ask them to speak out against the unfair ruling of the Mass Gaming Commission--and to put the Commission on notice that the city of Boston will not tolerate this. Mayor Walsh is our new mayor; he promised in his inaugural address to listen to the people of Boston

and to have open and transparent government. We applaud this commitment. He must listen to the people of East Boston and do everything in his power to ensure the vote we took is respected.

Source: No Eastie Casino 1/13/14