Sunday, January 12, 2014

News: Revere Residents Unite to Oppose Rushed, Harmful Mohegan Casino

This just in from Don't Gamble on Revere, the group organizing opposition to the Revere casino on the upcoming vote in Revere.

Source: Don't Gamble on Revere 1/12/2014

Revere Residents Unite to Oppose Rushed, Harmful Mohegan Casino

Revere, MA – Revere residents who are opposed to the proposed Mohegan Sun casino at Suffolk Downs have joined together to form the group, “Don’t Gamble on Revere,” a volunteer-led official ballot question committee asserting that residents of the historic, family-oriented city should always have a say in what happens to the future of their community. The group exists to convince Revere neighbors that voting NO at the Feb. 25 referendum will protect Revere from the invasion of a major corporation that would dictate a future that best suits its own gains rather than considering Revere’s.

"We’re gaining support daily from Revere residents who are opposed to the casino," says Joseph Catricala, spokesperson for Don’t Gamble on Revere, "Many residents are concerned about how a casino in their backyards could impact their families. I’ve heard a number of residents say they would move out of Revere if a casino comes. We are very concerned a casino will bleed our community dry."

Specifically, Catricala points to impacts such as increased traffic, pollution, crime, and numerous other social problems as reasons to oppose the development. Additionally, the group believes the arrival of a casino will decrease property values and raise taxes.

"The host community agreement does not provide the city with enough money to pay for the impact a casino will have on Revere," Catricala adds. "The proposed casino will kill the local economy by removing jobs and cause local businesses to close. When residents begin to gamble their paychecks away at the proposed casino, how will they have any money left to spend on the local economy?"

Don’t Gamble on Revere points to casinos elsewhere whose intent is to keep customers on-site rather than encouraging them to visit local businesses. Revere’s Broadway businesses cannot compete with the proposed casino’s glitzy restaurants, spas, and shops, the group says.

As the Feb. 25 vote approaches, Revere casino opposition is gaining momentum. Don’t Gamble on Revere leadership say the group will reach out to voters through telephone calls, mailings, door-to-door visits, and informative community events. Numerous families have put up "vote no" signs in yards and windows, and volunteer meetings occur each Tuesday at 6:30 PM until the day of the vote.

"Don’t Gamble on Revere is concerned about the future generation of Revere," says Don’t Gamble on Revere spokesperson Catricala. "We agree with casino backers that Revere needs revitalization, jobs, and additional funding to improve community services, but the difference lies in the solution. A casino is not the answer to improving the city of Revere. The long-term effects far outweigh any short-term benefits that a casino could bring to Revere. It is not worth it. Revere can do better."